Sunday, 20th September 2020
TONIGHT ON STAGE: The Duchess Tanya Hyde


Sunday, 22nd December

The Duchess

With a brand new show (if you've never seen her before), The Duchess is one formidable mother hen.

Tanya Hyde

Local lass Tanya first hit the scene on the G&D stage and went on to win Drag Idol 2008. With power ballads, musical theatre, pop and Disney you’re in for a great night!

Tony Sinclair

<p>Mr Tony Sinclair, the voice of London, is a doyenne of drag. Continuously working for over 40 years all over the UK and abroad.</p>

Sweaty Davis

<p>Sweaty Davis joins us fresh from Duchess’ Drag Factory. Entertaining audiences with songs and comedy banter, an act you won’t want to miss!</p>