Thursday, 27th July 2017



CKCK consist of two formidable acts. Crystal d'Canter launched herself as part of the very first Drag Idol back in 2005, making it through to the finals in Leicester Square... and swiftly moved into having a residency in a wee pub in the west end.. her mission to prove that 'big girls can dance' took her to some great venues... but it was to get much better when...

Two years later, Kelly Mild entered and won Drag Idol 2007 - with a stunning voice and impressive wit, it was only a few months before Crystal and Kelly became CK.. all for the love of one song.. Suddenly Seymour.

Once CK joined together they were unstoppable, gaining a one month residency at Halfway II Heaven called CK Sunday (what else could it be) which continued week by week until it became an institution in it's own right...

CK are based in London as their home, working in great venues - the legendary Black Cap in Camden and The Two Brewers just to name a few... with their regular shows and CK Sunday they love performing together and get a warm response wherever they go (for which they are eternally grateful)